Fertility Costs

Timed Intercourse $             3,538.37
IUI #1 $             2,220.00
IUI #2 $             6,651.48
IUI #3 $             2,669.26
IUI #4 $             2,129.29
IVF #1 $           13,038.51
IVF #2 $           12,739.83
Total Costs: $           42,986.74

6 thoughts on “Fertility Costs

  1. My husband keeps a tap on everything that we’ve spent on making a baby and our amount is similar to yours…. This is such an expensive endeavor, isn’t it?? Hopefully you can stop spending the money after this round!

    • Let’s hope!! If there is one thing me and DH have realized is that hiccups do occur – and with that its so hard to come up with a budget. We are at the point where we move forward until we hit a hiccup, deal with the hiccup, and then keep moving forward. We’ll see!!!

    • Thank you!! I’m in California, the Bay Area. Where are you? I know some of the IVF packages can be ridiculous. I have some GFs that have spent over 80K on IVF alone with PGS testing, interlipids, etc. Hang in there. I’m a strong believer that, at the end of the day… it all works out!!! 🙂

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