Hello Stranger………

OMG, it’s been awhile since I’ve logged into my account.  So long that…….i had to reset my password and everything!!!

I hope all my sisters are doing well!!  I surfed through several pages of my ‘reader’ and was able to get a sense of where all of you ladies are at.  Big congratulations to those of you that are expecting!!  And an even bigger congratulations to those of you that are expecting AGAIN!!  God truly is amazing!  For those of you that have had your babies, I loved looking at updated photos of your little ones!!  They grow so fast!

As for us, Max is now 13 months and 9 days.  He’s truly the most amazing guy.  We frequently look at him from afar and just talk about how cool he is.  He’s the happiest person I have ever met, giggling and laughing – literally ALL. THE. TIME.  He’s such a blessing.  He’s a big dude, in the 90th percentile overall (head, height, weight) and has SIX teeth.  He loves Sprouts TV and has the most amazing palate.  He eats exotic food and likes spices.  I continue to tell my husband it is due to the fact that we did a LOT of fine dining while we were pregnant.  Max also started aqua babies swim class!  DH gets in the water with him, and i’m the official photographer and videographer.  We also sold our home, built a new house, and are now settled in.  Thankfully, our day to day has slowed down and the highlights are now all about Max.

I look forward to continuing hearing about everyone’s journey and day to day.  I really have missed y’all!!  xo





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