Hi All,

I know it’s been awhile, but know i’ve been surfing the posts for a few weeks and am really excited to see a lot of you have either gotten your BFPs or given birth.  I know a bunch of you are still in the TTC stage – and i seriously am rooting for you.

It has been awhile since i have written on here.  I have been a total IG and FB junkie lately and for the most part, i typically post about Max.  But I love my TCC sisters, so here i am on wordpress again!  But i feel like i’m at a crossroads:

  • Knowing it can be difficult for those TTCing to read, I can continue to post about Max (our IVF miracle),
  • I can post about serious #workingMOMLIFE stuff (work, multi-tasking, girl stuff, etc), or
  • I can post about other aspects of our life (overall stuff about our family.

I am seriously leaning towards posting about #workingMOMLIFE.  Before all this TTC, i actually had a life – a life i really loved.  I did a lot of traveling, spend a lot of time with my girlfriends, at the yummiest food, and just plainly enjoyed the life i lived.  I will still post about Max, as it pertains to my #workingMOMLIFE, but outside of this blog i’m 100% all about my family.  I try to be the best housewife to my husband and Max, I try to be super mommy to Max, I try to be the best GIRLfriend to my girls, and i try to be the best daughter/sister to my family – but guess what?  I think it’s time to focus on ME.

I know i will probably lose some followers along the way, and it’s okay.  I still love you guys.  I will always have this blog up and active, but i think it’s important to embrace the next chapter of my life…..




2 thoughts on “Crossroads….

  1. Nice to see you posting again! From the pics it sure seems like you are all of those things to all of those people, and Max couldn’t be cuter! I think it’s awesome you’re choosing to focus on yourself; you deserve to have time too!! 😘

  2. Do it!!

    We all started blogging to deal with the journey of trying to get pregnant. Now that you’re in a different stage it doesn’t make you any less a part of the community, it’s just a different place in life. A place we all want to get to! You post, I’ll read 😀

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