Max 15 Weeks (12 weeks adjusted)


Sorry I’ve been absolutely MIA on here. I’ve been a combination of busy and lazy. But here I am!!  Last week, Max turned 15 weeks old and he’s fabulous. Here’s some great facts on our little man:

He has the most amazing giggle, smile and laugh.

He’s a major chunk, so we are trying to feed him more on demand versus on a timely schedule.

Max is mastering tummy time and turns on his back every so often.

He drinks up to 40oz of formula daily and goes through clothes like a crazy baby, as he tends to spit up often.

We tend to frequent Whole Foods for our nightly dinner and he does best in the Ergobaby carrier.

He sleeps through the night, typically 10-12 hours.

I’m still on maternity leave and go back to work on 12/4. I dread for the time to come, but I know it’s unavoidable. Just wanted to say HELLO and let you all know we are still alive. Have a safe Halloween!! xo


3 thoughts on “Max 15 Weeks (12 weeks adjusted)

  1. Sounds like everything is going great. He’s such a happy and adorable baby!! Aww, sorry to hear your leave is almost up. Enjoy every moment of this next month!!!

  2. I’m glad I can follow you on IG since motherhood makes it hard to blog, boy do I know that! He’s so adorable and chunky I love it! I can’t believe he is 15 weeks already, what does he weigh? Glad your all doing well.

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