this baby has a mind of its own!!!

Today was my 1st of 2 weekly NSTs. Historically, this baby hasn’t really jumped around too much during these things, but he eventually moves enough to get us a clean bill of health and the OK sign go go home.

My blood pressure has slowly been elevating. Over the weekend it shot up to about 170/97-ish. I felt normal and just informed my OB of my BP readings.  See, I have chronic hypertension, so I’m really pretty used to all this blood pressure stuff. Although officially today, doctor told me that I’m on bed rest. Basically no getting up other than to use the bathroom and to grab something to eat from the kitchen. Don’t be fooled, this does NOT include cooking something to eat. I also did a 2nd round of lab work to see if I have preeclampsia or if we can rule it out. I’m still waiting on those lab results.

Honestly, I’m absolutely proud of baby and myself that we have made this journey as far as we have. I’m thrilled to be 37 weeks on Thursday. I have cleared out our calendar through the end of the month, except for our doctors appointments. This means I’ve cancelled the following:

  • All festivities for hubbys birthday (weekend in SF)
  • Wax appointment
  • Vet appointment
  • Prenatal massage
  • Dog boarding
  • Dinner hosted by GF

I really would like to hold this guy in for a bit longer, but it looks like he’s gonna come out on his own terms.  We’ve got an ultrasound with the high risk OB tomorrow and my weekly OB appointment on Thursday.  We should know more by then.

Wish us luck!!


9 thoughts on “this baby has a mind of its own!!!

  1. good luck! i hope everything goes ekkk fit you and babe makes a safe and healthy entry into this world 🙂 look forward to hearing all about it.

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