STOP the OnLine Shopping!!!

What I need to do is get a handle on my shopping.  Here’s how that’s looking like right now:

  1. BABY REGISTRY PURCHASES – when will this madness ever end?  I’m sure my husband wants to kill me as I purchase items through our registry, analyze what’s on there, edit, remove, delete, change quantities.  You name it, I’ve done it.  And I revamp and review our registry every day.  This doesn’t include my Amazon wish list where I park items that I need to purchase for the postpartum period.  Today I actually pulled the trigger and purchased all my postpartum items.  Hopefully that should keep me quiet for awhile and the shopping can cease.
  2. CLOTHING PURCHASES – Okay, I’ve said it before over and over again – we are all good with the clothing.  I have a decent stock of newborn, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 clothes.  I shouldn’t buy anymore.  But then I see sales – like take an additional 40% off the entire site of Burts Bee’s Organic Clothing – and it’s like a shopping spree that I can’t just ignore!!
  3. SWADDLES – I mean, how many of these do I have… A LOT.  I have about 6 swaddle blankets, 2 swaddle me wraps, plus 2 NB Halo wraps / wearable blankets, 2 small wearable blankets and 2 medium wearable blankets.  I need to stop buying blankets and swaddles!!  I just noticed that another girlfriend bought me 4 more swaddles (via my registry) and I hate to do this – but they may get returned.  I’m sure I could use them, but then it UPS my swaddle blankets to 10 swaddle blankets.  That is a LOT!!!  Even though I could come up with multiple uses for them… I’m going to really have to think if I should keep them.

Otherwise, without the little guy here – I honestly don’t know what we need and what we don’t need.  For all I know, I need more socks…. I don’t know.  He’s now got TONS of hats that I really should sew open holes to the top of them for the dogs when baby boy grows out of them!!


13 thoughts on “STOP the OnLine Shopping!!!

  1. I loved this… because it makes me feel better about all the shopping I did before our little girl came! The whole registry thing – I did the EXACT same thing. Every. Single. Day! Hubby thought I was crazy 🙂 I think you’re right on track!

  2. OMG, can I ever relate. I am going to refrain from mentioning how many packages are presently en route to my house, but if you imagine a number and add 999,999 you’re probably close.

    • see!!! I am with you. it’s like I need a spreadsheet to know when they are delivering something to my house. and then I want to rush home to try to intercept it before hubby does. hahahaha!!

  3. I can relate. I’m buying the items I really want that have 3 or less in stock on amazon. But, FYI- you need at minimum 10 blankets to swaddle. I’m hoping for 20. I’m the beginning you’ll likely go through at the very minimum 2-3 per day. Think spit up and accidents. So I’m not going to tell you to stop buying those lol. Maybe just ease up on the clothes? 😉

  4. Hi

    We were following each other on IG and for some reason we aren’t following the each other anymore. I just wanted to let you know your story is inspirational and I really enjoyed our chats. Hopefully we can connect again.


  5. Hi again, I accepted your request but I can’t send you a message or request to follow you because I maybe blocked on your end because you set your status to no new followers. But I was a follower from the beginning and I would like to continue to follow your journey. And I am about to start my FET journey and I could use your support as well. Hopefully we can still continue to support each other. You have helped shaped some of my decisions and I look to your page for inspiration.

    Natalie ttc_ivf

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