dear fertile co-worker….

Okay, this is a rant.  Please move on if you don’t want to read about my rant….

Just had a new coworker start recently.  She is great.  I actually also was part of the interview team that gave her the thumbs up.  Well, she has two kids.  She’s also obviously fertile.

She repeatedly tells me “i’m so grateful that i’m not pregnant when I see you”.  Why would you say that to someone?  I’m so grateful to be pregnant.  It’s the greatest blessing that God has ever bestowed onto me.

Well today she goes on to tell us how she jogged with her kids in a Bob stroller very early on.  Which is great, to each their own.  She comes over and tells me that “you should get a Bob stroller”.  And that “she jogged with her kids in her Bob while in a car seat at 8 weeks”.  I’m like…oh, yeah, I probably wouldn’t do that until at least the age of 6 months (probably even longer to be safe).  Especially with the neck development of a child, and that the neck is still unstable at that age.  She insisted that it was safe especially with a newborn insert.  I then repeated, to each their own – it’s just something I wouldn’t personally do.  She wasn’t thrilled with my answer and was forcing me to believe it was safe.  She is beginning to bug.  But I just try to let her comments go in one ear and out the other.

Okay…rant over….


17 thoughts on “dear fertile co-worker….

  1. Yeah gotta love the “I’m so fertile, poor me” people too- I have a coworker who complains that she’s so “scared” to have sex with her husband because he inevitably knocks her up every time. In my mind I’m thinking…. “Fuck. You.”.

  2. lol. Who runs with a newborn??!!! I find that while on our own ttc journey, EVERYONE has something to say, whether it’s about HOW we’re going to get pregnant, what I should do while pregnant, and how we should raise our child. Some people just need to be slapped.

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