32 Week Update

How far along: 33 weeks – this update is through 32w6d

Meds: Prenatals, DHA, Synthroid, Labatalol, Baby Aspirin, Levemir and Novolog

Baby is the size of: Pomelo

Belly pictures:  No picture this week because I’m LAZY!!! 😦

Total weight gain: 18.4 lbs since transfer bringing me up to 163.4 lbs.

I actually also started doing the treadmill Mon-Fri.  Primarily for my Gestational Diabetes and my Chronic Hypertension.  My BP was a bit elevated at my last appointment, so i’m trying to do whatever I can to give me my best chances to keep this little guy in my belly!!

Maternity Clothes: Yes, I’m typically a jeans and tee slob during this pregnancy but I’m trying to make an effort every other day or so. I did, however, buy my baby shower dress!!!  Here it is:


Stretch marks: Nothing new, but I’m getting a bit paranoid – so I’m slathering on extra balm.

Sleep:  Well, I don’t know if I can blame pregnancy, the baby, or my dogs. I’ve been awake every night at about 3am for the past few nights. Then I get sleepy about 30 minutes before I have to really get up and go to work. Well — I’ve been getting to work late too…that’s cause I’m LAZY.

Gestational Diabetes: My glucose levels finally feel like they are under control!! It only takes 24u of Levemir at night, and 6u of Novolog before breakfast.  Otherwise, we are well!!!

Symptoms/Feeling:  I feel like my pelvic bone is about to fall out from underneath me. And there is a pelvic burning sensation when I get up from sitting.  But then I remind myself how long its taken to get here…and I welcome the pain!

Best moment of this week:  Going to our 32 week growth scan. Baby is doing well. Legs seem a littler short, but I think that’s the filipino in him. He wouldn’t let us take any pictures, but he has a scrotum now!!

Miss anything: I still miss sweets.  But I only have a few more weeks to go, and I know they will be worth it.

Movement:  OMG, the movements are stronger and at times – more painful.  But they remind me that he is healthy, so it’s all good.

Food cravings:  My huge splurge is Plain Greek Yogurt and Trail Mix (yes, with chocolate and dried fruit – don’t tell my nutritionist)

Anything making you queasy or sick: When I forget a snack or meal and my blood sugar dives.

Boy or Girl: Boy!!

Labor signs:  Goodness NO!

Belly button in or out:  FLAT!!

Wedding rings on or off:  Wedding band is off….BUT I got my engagement ring resized!!!  SO I’m rocking my engagement ring and it makes me so happy!!

Happy or moody most of the time: Anxiety is slowly creeping in….. Or is it excitement?

Purchases/preparations for baby:

The nursery is almost done!! It should be done this weekend if things work out.  I also plan to get our hospital bag all ready and organize the few items in his closet!!  Here’s the room again (which is also in a previous post):


Looking forward to:  Maternity L-E-A-V-E!!!!


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