Little Big Man Nursery (In Progress)

So, this past weekend we FINALLY were able to remove all of the baby purchase boxes from all over the house.  We finished painting the baby’s room and also got the carpets cleaned.  Although now I’ve got some organizing to do, all of the big furniture is out.  And here is our work in progress:


I know it’s only a portion of the room, but this is really the only portion that is fixed.  Haha.  Here is a roundup:

  • Crib – Ikea:  With hours and hours of research, we opted with the Ikea Sundvik crib ($119 USD).  I know I wanted a crib that had more of a modern look, and with my dream crib being triple the price – it was a no brainer.  Plus the crib I wanted to get – pretty much looked like this crib.  The great thing is that this no-frills crib has clean lines which didn’t take up much room, which is a major PLUS for us, as we are limited in space (living in the bay area!).
  • Mattress – Naturepedic Organice 2-stage mattress:  This was definitely more pricey than a lot of the other mattresses out there ($299 USD), and luckily we received this as a gift from DH’s parents.  It’s Organic, which is a huge plus for me, and it has 2 sides – a firmer side for infant and a softer side for toddler.  I love this mattress and we figured it would be smarter to spend the money on a mattress and save money on the crib.
  • Crib bedding – TL Care Organic Velour ($18 USD):  I originally wanted to go with navy blue crib sheets with either a chevron, polka dot, or modern print.  But when I saw these ORGANIC velour sheets – I couldn’t put them down.  I also got the matching changing pad cover in the same material!!
  • Crib bedding – TL Care Organic Waterproof Crib Mattress pad ($35 USD):  I know you can’t see this, but it is on beneath the crib bedding.  It’s organic and waterproof.  How can you go wrong?
  • Sound machine – Cloud B On the Go Gentle Giraffe ($33 USD):  I keep reading about sound machines.  I didn’t want to buy a clunky machine, then I came across this cutie which several moms highly recommend.  It’s attached to the back of the crib rail (in case you can’t locate it) and is small enough to take along out of the house.
  • Rocker woth Ottoman – Wayfair:  Okay, I forgot the brand, but I know that this one made out of plushy faux leather with a metal frame ($285 USD) would last me a lot longer than the typical cloth upholstered wooden rocker.  So when I discovered this, I pulled the trigger right away!  It’s really nice and adds an elegance to the room.
  • Bassinet – Uppababy:  Our bassinet is part of our Uppababy Vista stroller system (entire system $859 USD).  Again, with the intention to use our products as much as we can, we decided to use the bassinet as a cosleeper in our bedroom.  I can’t wait to put the baby in there!
  • Bassinet Stand – Jolly Jumper:  This stand is AWESOME.  I almost pulled the trigger and purchased the Uppababy bassinet stand ($149 USD) – actually I purchased it.  But after I purchased it, I ran across this wonderful contraption and cancelled my UB stand order.  This actually is a rocker and easy to move to any part of the house.  They are made for moses baskets but the price is to die for ($32 USD).  It’s not the most perfect handcrafted wooden piece of furniture, but knowing this will probably only last us 6-8 months, or until baby grows out of bassinet – how could you pass up that price?!?
  • Baby Swing – Graco (partially shown in bottom right of photo):  I actually received this at work as a gift and it’s oh – so – cute!!  We also have the mammaroo, but we decided to keep this swing on the 3rd level of our home and the mammaroo on the 2nd level.  We figure we can’t go wrong with FREE.  Luckily it matches our nursery wonderfully.

So that is it SO FAR with the nursery update.  As you can tell, we didn’t want to go with a BABY theme.  No airplanes, no animals, no baby blue – no no no!  We didn’t want to spend a lot of money on things that we would eventually donate or  toss out.  We wanted to keep things simple, modern and classic.  Funny thing is that this room is a great representation of our living room.  The leather seating, dark wood furniture.  Ha.  So basically you can say this is me and DH’s nursery.  The baby can decide what he wants to do with his room when he’s older.  🙂

More updates to come when we update the diaper changing area and closet!!!


11 thoughts on “Little Big Man Nursery (In Progress)

  1. Gorgeous! I love the crib. We live in NYC so space is an issue for us too. I’ll be bookmarking that one for when we (finally!) need one. The color your picked are fantastic!

    • thank you!! we are in love with how it turned out too!! yes, space is a luxury in our home (as I can imagine in your home too). we definitely didn’t want to throw money away on things that the little guy would “trash”, “beat up”, or “not like”. you will need all of this!! I cant’ wait until it’s your time!!

  2. I love all of it- especially your window blinds! Those are the kind we want for our front bay window because the dogs bark so much at passers by (and would wake a sleeping baby for sure).

  3. When we were setting up our room for the adoption we also went for Ikea, if you have never seen their rocker chairs they are amazing & you should try them next time you are in store. I got mine for $69.

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