Cycle 25 – Our 4th IUI Cycle – Triggered Last Night

Yesterday I had my final u/s for this cycle and after 12 days of stims, this is what we are looking at:

  • LO:  19.5, 17.5, 17, 15.5, 10.5, 10, plus 3 > 10mm
  • RO:  16.5, 15.5, 15.5, 13, plus 4 > 10mm
  • Lining:  11.1 Trilaminar

I know most doctors would definitely cancel this cycle, but I’m grateful that my RE is okay to move forward with our IUI based on the difficulty we’ve had in getting pregnant and my age.  I am still thinking that with our high number of mature follicles, I would be so blessed to be pregnant with a singleton!

This cycle, I also am trying to do different things vs. what I’ve done in the past.

I’ve typically triggered 36 hours before my IUI.  I discussed this in length with my RE.  He said that I would ovulate 40-41 hours after my trigger.  The 36 hour rule would specifically be for IVF patients doing ER, as they would want to make sure they go in and do the ER before ovulation.  For an IUI cycle, however, they want me to ovulate – and ovulating and doing the IUI as close as possible would be best.  So with his recommendation, I went ahead and triggered 39 hours before my scheduled IUI.  

DH’s counts are pretty good (IUI #1-3:  51.4M, 83.5M, and 123.8M, respectively) so we even BD this morning (the day before IUI) and will continue to do so 2 days after the IUI.

Also, on IUI day, I typically take the day off and put my feet up and relax.  My RE recommends to be active as those tubes need to sweep up that mature egg when released.  He always reminds me that the tubes and ovaries are not connected.  There is no guarantee that the tubes will “catch” my eggie.   He doesn’t expect me to do a marathon on IUI day, but he didn’t recommend sitting on the sofa with movies – as I have been doing during the last 3 IUIs.  So, this time I am NOT going to take the day off from work and I will also do some walking with hubby at the end of the day.

I feel really good. I feel super positive with this cycle.  And honestly, if it doesn’t work – our next step would be IVF.  And I’m super excited for that.  Especially since I had such a great follicle response this cycle… my doctor and I are both pretty confident that my IVF protocol will get me the most eggies.  It’s crazy how just for an IUI cycle, my meds are so high.  But as long as it gets those follies to grow, I’m all for it!!

Excited for tomorrow’s IUI!!


28 thoughts on “Cycle 25 – Our 4th IUI Cycle – Triggered Last Night

  1. Those stats (follicle sizes) sound wonderful!! So hopeful that this is it! I’m right there with ya girl. Good luck with your wait!

    • Thanks!! You’re on 2dpiui. OMG, we’re gonna have to give each other ideas on how to keep busy during TWW. I know we’ve done the TWW so many times before, but each time you have to go through it… it always seems longer than the last TWW!!!!

      • LOL, you’re so right. I know it’s only 2 DPIUI for me, but for some reason I just feel more at peace this cycle…I don’t feel as crazy as I have in the past. Maybe my crazy just hasn’t set in yet. It’ll all be over before we know it, and we’ll either be pregnant or not (really hoping we are pregnant though, obviously!).

  2. I love following your story. I go in for egg check in the morning and then IUI Friday. Loving having someone to share stories with! Baby dust!!! Awesome looking eggs you have there!

  3. Luck, lady, lots of it! I have been hoping that you would have a ton of beautiful follies and that one would be the jackpot! I am also supes happy you are going to get out and do stuff…takes your mind off it all. I always went straight back to work each time and felt just dandy. Get a good night’s rest, lovely!

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